The Ére Yoruba Project

'Ère' is a Yorùbá term for sculptures, but 'Ère' infers more than just the physical statuary. 'Ère' embraces all aspects of the craft of carving in the Yoruba culture; the artistic, the architectural, the secular as well as the sacred and spiritual.

The Ère Yorùbá project is a modern quest of rediscovering prodigious Yorùbá master carvers, especially; Ọlọ́wẹ̀ of Isẹ̀, Dàda Àrẹògún (a.k.a. Arówógùn) and his son, George Bándélé Àrẹògún, both of Òsí-Ilorin, Èkìtì, western Nigeria.

The 'Ère Yorùbá project which began with pictorial pilgrimages into the master-carvers' preserved worlds in Èkìtì, Western Nigeria, cumulated in an exhibition of their spectacular, previously unpublished masterworks in an acclaimed exhibition in the United States. The exhibition was hosted by the City of Austin's Carver Museum (September 6, 2012 - January 5, 2013), and was curated by Craig Fashoro and directed by Jeffrey Roolf.