African art is a highly specialized field that demands highly specialized knowledge. African Quintessence is a full service African art specialty firm. We offer fully accredited professional appraisal services AND comprehensive consultations on African art, single pieces or lots.



We are also purveyors of fine African art. The African Quintessence Gallery offers a wide spectrum from the highest quality of iconic pieces, to the rarest of exceptional sculptures. All our pieces are very carefully selected by experienced, professional experts. We strive not so much to offer mere relics and mundane ritual implements just because they are from Africa, but aged art forms originally created as much for function as for beauty.


Apart from the outstanding offerings from the African Quintessence Gallery, we also occassionally represent collectors in the de-acquistion of exceptional pieces that meet our rigorous standards. For example, the legendary, late Jean Pierre Hallet owned perhaps the most extensive field collection of African art.

 While the overflow inventory from the Jean Pierre Hallet Collection was auctioned off to the general public a few years ago, (mostly inventory from his family run Malibu art gallery at the time of his death), Hallet's personal collection, now known as The Jean Peirre Hallet Select Collection, which includes the famous Benin bowl gifted to English trader Cyril Punch by the king of Benin in May, 1890, has never been publicly viewed, with the exception of a select few African art scholars and experts.


African Quintessence and Elite Art of Africa are the ONLY two exclusive art firms contractually retained by the heirs of the JeanPierre Hallet estate to manage the remaining premier collection.



Our full range of art consultation services include researching, cataloging and art writing services that enhance the value of your art or collection. These services include refined, literary and elegant photographic presentations of your art collection  in book, brochure or exhibition-style catalogue publications. A practical, civilized and convenient medium to better enjoy and share your proud collection with the world.


We serve casual collectors and serious connoisseurs with equal enthusiasm, and our clientele includes individual collectors, museums, corporations, and institutions.



Whenever there is a question about the value of your personal property, there's also a risk involved. It may be a risk of buying too high or selling too low, of being over or under insured, or being audited when calculating estate taxes. A competent appraiser helps you manage financial risk. Museums, auctioneers, bankers, investors, art collectors, insurance adjusters, trustees, executors, judges, attorneys, and tax agencies all depend upon the expertise of appraisers, and so should you!


If your art turns out to be a real treasure, a qualified appraiser can help you determine fair market value and a formal, professionally written appraisal can validate that value. Unappraised art might only be worth what you paid for it (or less!)

A formal apparaisal takes your art out of obscurity or "street-level" by establishing a value record of it (provenance).



Our appraisal staff is headed by Craig Fashoro, a highly experienced professional appraiser,  an art historian, ethnologist, curator, author and photo journalist. He has worked in the field of African studies for thirty-three years, and his expertise includes the different African cultures, religion, history and art of Africans. His credentials include Bachelors' (with Honors), and Master's degrees, several years of field research, but full accreditation by the International Society of Appraisers.


Craig Fashoro is the founder of the "Ère Yorùbá" project which began with pictorial pilgrimages into the master-carvers' preserved worlds in Èkìtì, Western Nigeria, and cumulated in an exhibition of their spectacular, previously unpublished masterworks in an acclaimed exhibition in the United States. The exhibition was hosted by the City of Austin's Carver Museum (September 6, 2012 - January 5, 2013), and was curated by Craig Fashoro and directed by Jeffrey Roolf, with generous contributuions from Frank Eagar.


'Ère Yorùbá: Quintessential Art By Yorùbá Master Carvers', is the exhibition literature, authored by the curator, Craig Fashoro. With details of the Ère journey from concept to exhibition, 'Ère Yorùbá: Quintessential Art By Yorùbá Master Carvers' is excellently researched and annotated, with incisive and original writing abundantly illustrated to present Yoruba art in depth and scope.


Craig Fashoro was commissioned by the King of Ijebu, the longest reigning Yoruba monarch, Oba S.K. Adetona in 2014, to create the Ijebu National Museum in commemoration of His Royal Majesty's 80th Birthday.  The museum, the first mainstream public museum to be built in Nigeria since Sir K.C. Murray built the Benin Museum in 1972, was successfully  created from inception to completion by Craig Fashoro. It opened to critical acclaim and great fanfare on May 8, 2014.


Craig Fashoro has lectured in various spheres of African studies on different continents. He has also served in various capacities as a consultant to the United States government, museums, banks, auctioneers, insurance companies, universities, galleries and private collectors. Drop him a line at