with the right documentation your art investement can be adequately insured

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Textiles and Accessories

Ére Yoruba

A project of passion and dedication to the arts.

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The Talking Drum

An African Art Blog

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African Quintessence

Fine African art selections currently available.

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The Ere Yoruba Collection

Ijebu National Museum

The Ijebu National Museum, with the guidance of Craig Fashoro, officially opened on the 8th of May, 2014.

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Jean Pierre Hallet

The Reserve Collection

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Ére & Refections

Fine African Art Works by the Yoruba Masters

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The Book: Ère Yorùbá

Craig Fashoro animates the histories and works of three Yorùbá master sculptors with his own personal account of his engagement with the people he met and worked with, bringing together the silent witness of art with the lives of those touched by art – art made for the sake of people." - Henry Drewel

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The Smithsonian: 50th Year Gala